COVID-19 Update – June 13, 2020 – Evening Class details

Evening classes begin again on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at our downtown location.

Please review the guidelines and directions below and if you have any questions please contact us @ 780-830-3429.

Evening Class

Note: Per Provincial guidelines, we are limited to a maximum of fifty (50) individuals within the facility at any one time.  We had decided based upon these guidelines to create two (2) cohorts.  All Belts and Competitive

All students not already in competitive will only be allowed to train during “All Belts” classes each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Competitive students will be given the choice of either “All Belts” or “competitive”.  However, once a competitive students decides upon a class, they will be unable to change their cohort until Stage 3 or when the provinces provides further guidance.  Mr. Martinez recommends that his competitive students train during competitive class to allow as many non-competitive students the opportunity to train during our All belts class.


Student and/or parents and guardians must register for their class prior to June 16, 2020 by either emailing info@gladiatorsmaa.com or calling 780-830-3429. Administration is also conducting calls to current students to remind them of class.

Class Times

Items to bring for training

Labelled Water bottle
Personal Hand Sanitizer
Bag for equipment
Small towel
Uniform for training

White dobok pants, and;
Dobok Tunic (top) or;

Any shirt with our Gladiators’ logo
A plain White Shirt
A plain Red Shirt
A plain Black Shirt

Evening Class Guidelines

  • All Students, visitors, and/or parents or guardians must complete the AHS Self-Screening tool prior to entrance into the facility. Any Students, visitors, and/or parents or guardians who exhibit any symptoms will be denied entry to the facility and will not be able to participate.  If you are feeling unwell, or sick, please stay home.

  • Students should arrive NO earlier than 5 or 10 minutes prior to the start of class and will need to wait in their vehicles until the Front Door is opened. Parents will be unable to access the dojang as our spectator space is closed due to the limited space. If a parent or guardian requires access to the dojang, please call us to arrange.

  • All Students, visitors, and/or parents or guardians will be verbally screened by a representative of Swan City Taekwon-Do Club prior to entry. Screening will be the asking of questions related to the AHS Self-Screening tool.  Any Students, visitors, and/or parents or guardians who exhibit any symptoms, or answer YES to the screening questions will be unable to enter our facility and will not be able to participate. While waiting to enter the dojang, please maintain social distancing.

  • Students MUST be changed and ready for class prior to arrival. There will be NO changing in the change rooms due to limited space available to maintain social distancing requirements.  We have adjusted the changerooms to allow a ONE directional flow.  The “boys” changeroom will be used to enter the dojang and the “girls” changeroom will be used to exit the dojang.  Arrows and signs will be visible and students will be reminded by their instructors.  Students are expected to follow these guidelines at all times.

  • Students will be expected to remain at a minimum of two metres (2m) from other students at ALL TIMES. Dots on the mats have been updated.  Two rows minimum spacing is required at all times.

  • Students are expected to have their OWN water bottle, small towel, and bag should and these should not be shared with others. It is recommended that the students have their names on their water bottle.   A Gladiators Martial Arts Academy representative will provide instruction to the student on where to place their bag, and water bottle to encourage 2 metres of separation.  Students will be unable to fill their water bottle at the dojang.

  • It is encouraged, although not required that all students have their OWN hand sanitizer and are utilizing it often. Gladiators Martial Arts Academy will have two sanitizer stations, one near the front desk and the other in the main dojang that can be used.

  • Once class is dismissed, students are expected to collect their personal items and exit the facility quickly and orderly while maintaining social distancing requirements.

COVID-19 Closure Information – Update as of June 4, 2020

Update on Evening Classes

Evening Classes – We are exploring restarting evening classes again within a few weeks time.  Structure and times will be shared with all students shortly.   This training will be outdoors due to the current guidelines.  This will limit us to a maximum of 50 members per session.

Stay Tuned

COVID-19 Closure Information – Update as of June 1, 2020

Update on Day Camps

Day Camp programs have restarted at Gladiators Martial Arts Academy as of June 1, 2020.  We are currently limited in size to a small cohort of students.

To ensure student and staff safety we have implemented strict guidelines on how to access the facility during operation.

Gladiators Martial Arts Academy is following all the current recommendations related to Day Camps as listed on the Alberta Government Biz-Connect website for businesses in Stage 1.  Guidelines URL

Currently our club is not providing any martial arts instruction to any students within our facility.  Our hope is that this will change with future staged openings in Alberta.

If you wish to understand more about our Day Camps, please contact the front desk.